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Requested Look: Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" Monokini

4/14/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Kelly Rowland's new video for her latest single, "Motivation" featuring Lil Wayne, premiered this week. One of our visitors Nyla wanted to know about the monokini Kelly was wearing in the clip:

"The swimming suit Kelly Rowland has on in her new video Motivation ft Lil Wayne. I have been trying to figure out for the longest where she purchased this from."

Well, Nyla we found something that seems to be very close to what Kelly had on...

This Shay Todd Handkerchief Cutout Swimsuit in purple looks almost identical to what Kelly had on. Kelly's monokini seemed to be a little darker, more indigo. The Shay Todd suit in purple isn't available to purchase online anymore, but you can purchase it in black or chartreuse for $234 on the official Shay Todd site here.

If that price is too high for you, we also found some other options. We found a few monokinis in purple and some others in that same handkerchief style in other colors. Get them below:

In case you haven't seen Kelly's video, check it out below:

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