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Requested Look: Chris Brown's White Vest

4/05/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

We got a request from GWI visitor Esteban to find this white vest that Chris Brown wore in singer Jawan Harris' video "Another Planet" (Chris is featured on the song). Chris was seen wearing a suit with a double breasted white vest underneath. We were lucky enough to find one really close option from South Korean brand Moscod, unfortunately it is unavailable to purchase at this time:

The double breasted vest came in a set with a short sleeve shirt for $75. Previously it was on sale on YESSTYLE here, but is unavailable at the time. Hopefully they will get more in stock soon.

Another option is Forever 21's double breasted sweater vest (only available in gray and isn't low cut like the one Chris had on, but is only $19.90):

21 men Double Breasted Sweater Vest
$19.90 – Forever 21

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