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Requested: Rihanna's Sunglasses

3/21/2011 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

We recently received a request from visitor Nora who wanted to know about some particular sunglasses:

I've got a summer request. I've been meaning to buy myself some new shades, since the sun's popping out more and more, but I'm so sick and tired of seeing all of these ray-bans everywhere. So I found this picture of Rihanna with some sunglasses I fell in love with, but I can't figure out what brand they are, or how to find some look-a-likes. Could you help me?

Well Nora, back in 2009 Rihanna was spotted wearing these Grey Ant Status Sunglasses:

Grey Ant Status Sunnies

$253 – Boutique to You

They have also been spotted on other celebs like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus. These oversized wayfarer shades with thick frames are perfect for the summer and very stylish. If $253 is too much to spend on a new pair of sunnies, we did find some other similar styled sunglasses. Nothing exactly like the Grey Ant ones, but all great options for less.

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