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Requested: Plus Size Birthday Looks

12/05/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT It visitor Stevonna came to us with a request:

Hey girls! I absolutely LOVE your website. :) (I'm on it during class, when I'm suppose to be doing my work. aha) but anyways, my birthday is [coming soon], and I still cant find any inspiration for my birthday outfit. I'll be 17 & plan to go out with all my friends to dinner, so I don't want anything too grown, that I look like a grandma. Just a classy look, complete with heels & everything, but again, I don't know where to start. When I do find something I love, it's not in my size. :( I wear from a 18 to a 20, in bottoms/skirts and anything from a 1x to a 2x will do in tops. I would really really really really LOVE if you can help me out. :) you guys are amazing, and i put my trust in you!

Stevonna, thanks for coming to us with your request. Great places to find very cute clothes for plus sizes are Forever 21 (their Faith21 line), Torrid, and Macy's. We put together 3 different looks so you can get some ideas for a great birthday dinner look.

Look #1: (click image for info on pricing)

Try black jeans with a solid color top and a black blazer. Make the look perfect for going out with a layered necklace and ankle boots. Intensify the look with a red lip color.

Look #2:

A great skirt and blouse combo is great for a dressy dinner look. Try a dark skirt with a print or solid color blouse in your favorite color. Add black stockings and ankle boots to add some extra style and keep warm.

Look #3:

Lastly, you can always look beautiful in a nice dress and heels. Go for basic in a little black dress paired with pumps in a bright color or try a leopard print dress and knee high boots for an edgy look.

Here are a few other cute items we found:

Hope these give you some good ideas for your birthday! Enjoy yourself!

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