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Requested Look: What to Wear With Multi-Colored Glitter Pumps

12/21/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

We have been getting quite a few requests lately. We try to get to them all - please be patient with us (we have been quite busy this holiday season). We love you for continuing to visit the site, and just know that many more great things are coming for the new year!

We were sent a request from GWI visitor Lauren to find dresses to go with these great 'Victoria G' glitter pumps from Bakers. I (Whitney W) love these shoes myself - I have the suede ones in two colors, so great choice Lauren!

These multi-colored pumps are definitely a showstopper, so make sure the dress doesn't compete too much with the shoes. They would be perfect for a New Years Eve look. Go for a simple design in a solid color. Metallics, holiday colors like blue and red, whites and your basic blacks would all be great choices.

We found a few reasonably priced options for you:

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