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Requested Look: Fab in your 40's and Beyond!

11/22/2010 Whit and Whit 1 Comments

We recently received a special request to cover looks for fabulous older women. You can look great at any age, and some of our favorite celebs like Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, Demi Moore, Michelle Obama and Oprah show that. We put together a few complete looks for you, and then broke down some casual items, dressy items, shoes and coats that you can get for less!

Look #1: (click image for info on pricing)

This is a great look that is comfy at the same time. Add some spice with a leopard print clutch and leather half gloves.

Look #2:

Here is a cute casual look that can be made fab with a few classy accessories.

Look #3:

This is a cute dressy look. No need to over-accessorize when you have great standout pieces.

Look #4:

This is one of my favorite looks. Perfect for an everyday look... and the wedge heels are great.

Look #5:

Here is another dressy look, perfect for a nice dinner.

Now we would love for you to find a great casual look. We put together some items, all reasonably priced under $200.

Need a dressy look for a special event? Dresses, pants suits, skirts and blouses -- look your best with any of these items -- all under $200:

Can't forget the shoes -- by special request, we found a few shoes with lower heels:

Lastly, we found some cute coats to keep you warm this season:

Hope all these ideas helped!

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