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Requested Look: Finding Curvy Girl Jeans

10/13/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get Whit It visitor Regina came to us stating that she has a problem finding good, affordable jeans to accommodate her slim waist and full hips. She would like to find jeans to show off her curves instead of constricting them or being too large in the waist.

We can definitely relate to this body type. What is worse than finding a pair of jeans that fit everywhere but the waist, or jeans that don't have enough stretch to fit over curvy hips? By taking some advice from some of our favorite curvy celebs and also advising you about some of our choice jeans, we may have found some good pairs for you to consider.

One brand in particular I'm looking forward to trying is the new Curve I.D. by Levi's. These jeans are actually custom fit for your body type. One fit, Bold Curve, honors real curves and celebrates the feminine silhouette, hugging the waist without gaping or pulling across the seat. They are a lot more pricey than your average Levi's jeans, but hopefully worth it. Find your perfect fit on their official site by taking their quiz and measuring yourself.

Some of our more affordable favorites like jeans by Charlotte Russe, Delia's, Jessica Simpson, Levi's Curvy Cut and DKNY are great choices. Others we have heard raves about are the CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans, Gap's curvy jeans and PZI jeans - available online. Some celeb favorites are jeans by Siwy, J Brand and 7 for all Mankind.

Most of our picks are under $150 with many under $50, so we wish you luck finding the perfect pair of jeans for your curvy figure!

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