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Requested: What To Wear With A Blue Sequinned Blazer

8/14/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get Whit It visitor Naju recently sent us a request. Naju said:

I'm a huge fan of your site that's why I know you're the only ones that can help me! I absolutely loved this blue sequin blazer I got from ASOS but I can only come up with day time looks. Could you please please help me with a killer night time look. It's my girls birthday in 2weeks and all my friends always shut it down, I REALLY don't want to be the one that lets the side down...

ASOS Sequinned Boyfriend Blazer
$126.38 $20.22

Naju, thanks for coming to us to help solve your fashion crisis. At only $20.22 now, the navy sequin boyfriend blazer is a steal, and we can see why you chose it. Being a bold piece, you don't want to mix too many other colors or textures with it, letting the blazer itself "shine" (literally) and be the focus. We came up with 3 looks so you can get ideas for what to wear with your blue sequin blazer.

Wear the eye-catching blazer with dark skinny jeans or jeggings paired with a cute light colored tank for a polished look.

Wear a fitted white or nude dress to contrast with the oversized blazer.

A cute mini skirt and tank or bustier top is perfect for a sexy night-out look.

Hope all these ideas helped!

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