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Requested Look: Camilla and Marc Dress For Less!

8/06/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT it Reader Kis needed out help. Check out what she sent us.

  Good evening Ladies,
                    Keep up the good work on the blog. I always recommend you guys to my girlfriends and my home boys who really need help with style and fashion. I need you guys help again. This is my first year at Morgan State University and I want to look for a homecoming dress that very grown and sexy. Also give me that wow factor. I'm looking On Saks Fifth and came across this dress from Camilla and Marc. It's very sexy and had like a red carpet feel to it. I'm not trying to spend so much on a dress that I just going to wear once. I'm feeling the color of dress. If you guys can find a dress similar to this under 200 dollars I will be highly thankful. Also some platform lilac heels to go with the dress..

I greatly apperiate you guys blog and awesome fashion sense.
Thank You Plenty,

This Camilla and Marc little black dress is classy. The sheer back adds a little sexiness to it. Get more details on the dress by clicking below:

The options we've found feature the sheer neck and back. We've also found a variety of purple heels at different prices.

The Dresses:

The Heels:

We hope you like them! And enjoy your homecoming!

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