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Get WHIT It: Requested Look - 22nd Birthday Dress

8/03/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT It visitor Tima emailed us about a 22nd Birthday look. She saw an episode of MTV's Sweet 16 and loved the dress that the featured b-day girl had on. She wanted to know if we could find her something similar.

The dress features a beaded corset style top with a dramatic layered feather skirt. ASOS has a dress that is very similar which retails for $202.14.

To get the dress, Click on the picture below:

Tima, hope you love what we've found for you and have an amazing 22nd Birthday!

Also check out some of the other options we've found. Some are different color options and have a bit of a higher price tag, but are still just as gorgeous as the one above.

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