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Spotlight: Interview with DLUX Boutique Owner Dorian Grace

7/15/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

 DLUX boutique owner Dorian Grace (middle). Photo by Danielle Hadnott

Meet Dorian Grace, owner of clothing boutique DLUX in Engelwood, NJ. Her previous experience includes working for the likes of Sean John and House of Dereon, in addition to starting out as a buying trainee at Saks Fifth Avenue. We got the chance to catch up with Dorian, who is a fashionista herself, to ask a few questions and get advice.

Check out our interview with Dorian to learn about her fabulous store DLUX, what you can expect while shopping there, her key to success in the fashion industry and also why the self-proclaimed "professional shopper" admires the store H&M and Rihanna's fearless style. 


Get WHIT It: Dorian, how did your past experience get you to the point you are at now, owning your own boutique?

Dorian Grace: I have worked in several facets of the Fashion Industry from an Associate Buyer at Saks Fifth Ave, to Sales Manager positions at companies like Sean John, House of Dereon by Beyonce, and Eve’s Fetish. All of these experiences have allowed me to learn everything from analytical retail skills and planning, creative marketing and budgeting, in addition to what it would feel like to run my own business. These jobs were all stepping stones to get me to the point I am at today in owning my own boutique.

GWI: How did you come up with the name DLUX and what makes a good shopping experience?

DG: My first thought was that I wanted to create a re defined shopping experience for customers but I also wanted it to “feel” like a luxury. Traditionally, luxury has been defined by high end product known for it’s well made qualities, designer name and high price points. However, I feel like luxury can be and should be experienced at all levels; from how you are serviced, greeted, and styled through your experience when you walk in the door and not just because you spent a million dollars should you only receive or experience luxury…hence the name DLUX “reDefining LUXury”

GWI: Describe the customer who shops at DLUX.

DG: The DLUX customer is a span from the cool mom to her fashionista daughter. A female who understands fashion but is also privy to the latest trends and styles that celebs are wearing. I have the pressure of keeping up with the what’s hot and avoiding what’s not while also being ahead of the trends. Owning a store you have to put some personal fashion likes and dislikes aside inorder to cater to the demographics of the area/audience.

GWI: What are some of the brands you carry in your store and how do you select the items to be sold?

DG: I have over 30 brands, but some of the DLUX favorites are Wildfox tees, Torn by Ronny Kobo Collection, House of Harlow Jewelry by Nicole Richie , Parker Silks, Blank denim, and the newest add is Mus mini bandage skirts by Mali Ro.

GWI: You know what a good shopping experience should be like,  so what are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

DG: I am a professional shopper, lol! I love H&M designer mash up collections, Barney’s and Opening Ceremony LA for their unique sense of designers and my first love Intermix for their overall branding and layout and designer contemporary offerings.
GWI: Here on Get WHIT It, we focus on celebrity fashion and style trends. Name some celebrities whose style you admire.

DG: This is easy…not knowing whether or not they dress themselves is debatable but my favorite girl of course hands down is Rihanna for her daily dose of AMAZING style. I love that she has no boundaries but she makes it look so effortless as if the sidewalk streets are her own personal runway! From her fearless hair styles to her reinterpretation of high end and low end designs, she’s flawless. I also love Cassie for some of the same reasons…a true risk taker with her style but she maintains a sophisticated well put together persona. You have to have total package from hair, make-up, fashion and style sensibility to pull the trends of style together…these are crucial elements of a true style diva!

GWI: Agreed! What are some of your must-haves for the summer?

DG: Definitely a cut off short: the more frayed the better! Any length that feels comfortable. A romper one piece..takes the fuss out of finding a top and bottom for an outfit, this look is playful yet sexy when paired with heels. Lastly, a fun tee with with great graphic or words..My favorite brands of fun tees are Wildfox and Chaser seen often on celebs like Beyonce and Halle Berry.

GWI: You have a location coming to Chicago soon, what do you feel DLUX is is going to bring to Chicago?

DG: I don’t want to give away too many secrets of what will become the future success of DLUX, lol! The anticipation of the Chicago location is an impending sense of architectural design and the mix of high to low end contemporary brands that will make the experience at DLUX have it’s niche in the Chicago community.

GWI: Are there any other DLUX locations in the works?

DG: Not as of yet but the plans in my head are limitless and I forsee DLUX coming to other major cities where Fashionistas exist! Online blogs, shopping websites, and social networks like facebook and Twitter has opened up a whole new understanding of where fashion pockets are from DC, Miami, Houston, LA….so many!

GWI: Do you have any advice to anyone out there who wants to someday own their own boutique or get their foot into the fashion industry?

DG: Always follow your dreams! And as cliché as that sounds it’s true. Get the experience first in the industry you want to tackle and then move forward from there. Also I highly suggest finding a great mentor to reach out to and learn from it has been a main key to my success.

GWI: Any other future plans for yourself or for DLUX?

DG: I just take it one day at a time and my one plan for sure is to learn from all the experiences I go through. More immediately I am concentrating on brand awareness through hot blogs such as this as well as national magazine features and editorials. That’s why I decided to GetWhitIt now!

GWI: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us, we wish you much success and are both looking forward to visiting one of your boutiques some day!

Check out the DLUX site here:

Also add her on twitter and facebook!

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