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Requested Look: Lil Wayne's Glasses

7/16/2010 Whit and Whit 1 Comments

Get WHIT It reader Anthony sent us this:
Whats up guys! Can I request some glasses that Lil Wayne wears? I have been trying to find them but no luck. Can u help me?
We weren't able to find Lil Wayne's exact glasses (We don't know the exact brand). We've found some options for any situation, whether you need them for your vision or whether you want them just for fashion.

Lenscrafters has a variety of men's glasses with the rectangular shape black frames. Our recommendations would be:

Ray-Ban - RX5095 - Price: $159.95

Prada - PR01MV - Price $250.00

Check LensCrafters for more brands and colors.

If you want the glasses just for style, check out some amazingly low priced options below:

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1 comment:

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