The World Of Celebrity Fashion

4/09/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Just a few words on why we do what we do…

With the abundance of paparazzi and celebrity photographers at most of the industry events today, catching a glimpse of your favorite celebrity on or off guard is inevitable. We often see celebs spotted out simply being normal human beings – going to the store, taking a walk, or grabbing a bite to eat. It is a lot of work for them always being in the public eye and for people always having an opinion on what they look like and what they have on. Looking presentable at all times must be a tough task… I know for normal people like us we definitely all have our off days where we don’t look our best, and having your picture taken all the time can be a major pain.

So many celebs learn to either not care about what people say about their day-to-day looks and dress how they feel… or hire a personal stylist to keep them looking their best, even on their off days. It might not be practical for regular non-celebrities to have a stylist pick out clothing for them daily (it sure would be nice though), but for them it is a way of building their public image and persona --- and also staying off the worst dressed list! So we can appreciate their efforts and for also giving us so many ideas on how to improve our own personal style. Keeping an eye on Celebrity Fashion is our way of learning what clothing is hot and in style for the season and what high fashion designers are popular at the moment. We then take these trends and find a way to incorporate them into our wardrobes, for much less of course! So to all celebrity fashion icons – keep doing what you do!

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