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Omarion's Ollusion

1/10/2010 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

The images above come from a recent promo photo shoot Omarion did for his upcoming album, Ollusion (releasing 1/12/10). In the shoot Omarion is seen wearing a variety of designers, from Louis Vuitton & Fendi to MCM and Benetton. He also mixes in some items from Levi's, Fila, and Casio's G-Shock.

Guys, you can get a similar look with these items:

FYI, the Nike's Omarion is pictured in are Air Max 90's, featuring a Neo Turquoise swoosh and Rave Pink. They were released early last year.

Omarion's "Hoodie" Look:
GWI visitor James recently requested we do a look from Omarion's latest video "Hoodie." In this clip Omarion wears a denim vest over a leather zip hoodie. He also wears black jeans and red Chuck Taylors. His shirt is a Michael Jackson "Beat It" tee - most likely found somewhere on eBay if you are lucky. Get his video look below:

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