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Inspired Look: Empire State Of Mind

11/30/2009 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Empire State of Mind...that is what I (Whitney W.) am still stuck in after spending the Thanksgiving holiday there last week :). I noticed a lot of trends while in NYC the past few days which inspired me to share some of the popular items along with some things I purchased myself. I got a chance to visit the Topshop and Fred Flare stores for the first time and did some good shopping at the usuals - Macys and Forever 21, along with a list of other stores that had Black Friday sales. Some of the NYC trends I noticed were lots of slouchy boots (both leather and suede), flat ankle boots paired with leggings, leather and wool jackets, scarves, cute accessories, and chain handbags.

Check out some of the trends below, featuring some cute items from both Fred Flare & Topshop. Click for more info:

Fred Flare at ShopStyle

Image: Flickr

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