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Rihanna's Sequin Craze

9/13/2009 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Everyone seems to be getting all glitzy on us. If you thought sequins should be used in moderation, you thought wrong. More and more celebs are wearing clothing with sequins on just about everything. Rihanna is the latest to overdose on the shiny look, wearing an all sequin getup to the 2nd Annual House Of Hype Directors Dinner on Saturday. She wore this with lace sunglasses and red velvet lace up pumps. Hmmmmm

Chanel had a similar pair of lace sunglasses for $895.

I will say that this look probably works better on celebrities, any normal person walking down the street with something like this on may get some strange looks lol. But I do think its ok to add a little sparkle to a late night outfit, I don't know about head to toe unless its a dress.

If you dare to try anything from Rihanna's look, shop away with these items:

Image: Wireimage

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