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Designer Spotlight: Keva J

7/06/2009 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Since our blog is geared towards fashion, it's only right that we connect you with some of the hottest up and coming designers. We recently had the chance to interview Keva Johnson, swimsuit (& more) designer. Her pieces are amazing!! Check out the Interview Below!!

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First, tell the people a little about your self and your background.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and I moved to South Florida when I was at the tender age of 1. I am of Jamaican heritage. My entire family was born there except for my brother and I. I went to Florida State University and studied Apparel Design. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree, from there I decided to start my own company, and in 2005 KEVA By Keva J (then Kaos Designs) was launched.

How did you get into designing swimwear?
I began with making cocktail dresses, and I got into swimsuits when I was getting ready to go on a cruise with my friends. I had been looking all over for a swimsuit and every garment I came across seemed so identical! I wanted to create something unique, yet chic for women to wear. The line started out with a t-shirt and 3 suits and has flourished into a capsule collection containing 12-16 pieces per collection!

What inspired your latest collection? Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

My latest collection was inspired by Africa. I have always remembered seeing Rosa Cha doing an all nude collections...and I was enthralled by it. When I was out shopping for fabric, I saw a snakeskin print and fell in love! From there, I decided to include an African interpretation on the exotic land. Its called Back To The Serengeti: African Chic! My inspiration usually comes from all kinds of aspects. Sometimes fabrics will inspire me, an elaborate trim, artwork, etc. From there, I generate a few sketches, which is the inception of each collection.

What's your definition of the perfect swimsuit?

The perfect swimsuit is one that has an exceptional fit and makes a woman feelconfident! There’s nothing like putting on an article of clothing and it fits like it was made for YOU – complimenting your organic silhouette, every curve! I think that’s when the overall goal has been achieved!

Our first reaction when we saw your piece, "Entice", on Kourtney Kardashian was, "Oh my gosh, That bathing suit is amazing! I (Whitney R) will work out everyday to look good in that". (HAHA) Are those the reactions you tend to get?

Thanks so much girls! I truly admire your support! Yes, I do receive these comments often. A lot of people tell me my suits resemble artwork. They always ask if they can get them wet!

From reading your bio, It says that you would have been the first alternative to join the 2006 season of Project Runway. Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if someone would have dropped out and you would have been on the show?

Yes, I always wonder…..what if I were a finalist and had $100,000 to create my line? I harp on the opportunity, but my mother reassures me that when the time is right, it will happen! I try not to ponder nor question it anymore. I'm loving every minute of thewaiting out my dreams!!!

Where can we purchase your swimwear?

Everyone can purchase the suits through the 1-866-504-3041 (found on my website:

What can we expect to see from Keva J in the future?Will you expand your line to clothing? Possibly open up some stores?

I will definitely have a ready-to-wear line soon. It will feature cocktail dresses – my first love in fashion! I would also include an accessory line as well. I've always had a passion for accessories and my personal collection proves it – I hoard them! My dream would be to open my own flagship store on 5th Ave. and in South Beach, FL. I plan to actualize the cocktail/accessories line and flagship store extremely soon!

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into the fashion industry?

I would advise any aspiring designer the following words: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! It is very hard to remain positive as the industry fluctuates and trends always change, but when you want it, you will stop at nothing to get it! Stay true to your brand and never conform to what the industry favors. Also, I would recommend that they learn to take constructive criticism and grow from it. I think sometimes as artists, we tend to get offended by people’s comments, but they only make you stronger and wiser – if you implement them!

-Kourtney Kardashian Image Via her official site

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