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Fly Guy Look: Leather Jacket + LV + Black Shades + G-Shock + Nikes

7/08/2009 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Guys, this one's for you! As far as men's fashion, a few celebs stand out as ones to watch. Usher and Chris Brown had the same idea with their leather jacket/Louis Vuitton Accessory/Black shades/G-shock watch/Nike sneaker combo. Usher rocked his look back in March at the airport. He wore black aviators and a black leather bomber with his white tee and blue jeans. He accessorized more with the Louis Vuitton Iroquois Satchel and LV belt. Usher is wearing a white G-Shock watch which can be found on their official site and at Kitson. He finished off the look with Nike Air Jordan 3's (released back in 2001). You can't go wrong with J's on your feet.

Shop his look below:

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Chris Brown most recently rocked the look while out shopping with his mom this week. He had on black jeans, a white tee and a motorcycle jacket. At Barney's New York you can get a similar Rag & Bone jacket for $1,139, or try Express's version for a lot less. He threw on a fly pair of wayfarer sunglasses to add to his all black look. Always wearing a G-shock, this time he wore the yellow Bape verion (Omarion recently wore this too). Chris loves his Louis Vuitton chain wallets and wore a few here. He finished off the look with the Nike Blazer Premium SB's in black and yellow with kisses.

Find a similar leather jacket and a variety of similar sunglasses below:

Find both Usher and Chris' sneakers here:
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Louis Vuitton Accessories found at their official site.

Image Sources: Concrete Loop | UChris.com

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