The Break is OVER! Now With a New Focus!!!

6/13/2009 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Get WHIT It is BACK!!! And now with a new focus! Ok everyone, as you can see we took a break for a while - had to focus on our personal lives which include work, vacations, and graduating college. Life gets busy from time to time (I know I, Whit W., just about had a break down back in May getting things together for graduation lol) but we are back to give you what you need!!!

Please tell all your friends to visit our site on the regular. We decided to change our focus this time around, seeing that our strength and most loved feature was fashion related. So from now on will be dedicated entirely to celebrity looks and fashion trends! You can expect many new Looks for less and steal the look features on some of your favorite celebs.

Follow us both on Twitter for updates on new posts (& other random things LOL).

We hope you like the new look for Get WHIT it, we going HAM this time! haha

- Whitney R. & Whitney W.

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