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Amber Rose's Tomboy Style

6/24/2009 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

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So people either hate or love this look Amber Rose rocked over the weekend in LA. She chose to keep it tom-boyish this time and borrow some style tips from Kanye. I think this look is cute - its ok for chicks to keep it comfortable but cute in loose clothing and sneakers - as long as you add some kind of feminine touch.

Here Amber borrows from Kanye (the khaki shorts, solid red Nike Air Force 1's, the Jesus Piece, and the white sunlasses) and wears it with a white burnout tee and denim vest.

Check the details below:

Kanye recently wore his own black Jesus piece:

Her shoes are the Nike Womens Air Force 1 High in solid color red, which came out last year:

They are available in 2 other colors:

Get Amber's Look by checking out these items:

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