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Get WHIT IT Exclusive: Interview With Christian Keyes

10/15/2008 Whit and Whit 2 Comments

I recently got the chance do a phone interview with actor/singer Christian Keyes and not only is he very talented and attractive, he is also very sweet and down-to-earth. He is definitely someone to be on the lookout for. Read the full interview below to get to know him and make sure you click on the links for extras

(Special Thanks to D for all your help!<3)

How did you find out about "Get WHIT It"?

A friend of mine was checking out some hot and current websites and blogs to shoot my stuff to, and you were on the list. We checked it out and it seemed like it was a hot spot, and that's how I got put on to it.

Well thanks for checking out our blog. I thought our readers would really like to get to know more about you. So thanks for doing the interview with us.

Well, thank you for having me.

So, tell us about how you began acting and singing... 

It’s funny actually -- I started a while back. I was approached by someone to do a runway fashion show and I did it. It went well, and it paid a little something. Somebody there asked me to do a different one so I jumped into it for a little while, and at the time I was recording still and trying to get my music out there. [I was] making a little extra money on the side, you know, [and] it never hurts, so I kept doing some of it. [My modeling career] kept getting bigger. I started doing bigger fashion shows and getting a lot of print work in Michigan, and different magazines [and] newspapers…all through the Midwest [which] led me into my first play audition. From there, I went [to the audition] and I actually got the part ,which was a huge blessing, and I have been running ever since. I've been doing different theater productions, and now I'm doing a lot more film and television, some commercials, and I get to share my music with the world. Now I get to put that out there.

I'm a fan of your work, I remember I first noticed you in the play Madea Goes To Jail -- that's one of my favorites.

Yeah, I still watch that. I watched it the other day.

I love all the plays. Tyler Perry is amazing! How did you get involved with him? [AUDIO]

I was touring in Atlanta, doing a play, [and the production] was in Atlanta for a week, and he happened to come see the show. Afterwards we met and he mentioned that he thought I did a good job and wanted to talk to me about future work. Eventually he asked me would I do Madea Goes to Jail the following year when it came out at the play, and I said "Hell yeah!" and we’ve been working together on and off ever since.

And I know most recently you were just in What's Done In The Dark...Comes To The Light. How was that working with all of them again?

Oh wow! [It was] just amazing! It’s rare that you get to work with so many...a whole cast full of people that you can learn from that are at least equally, or if not, more talented than you are. You can learn something from so many of the characters. Either they're outrageous singers, incredible actors, or both -- or both, and incredibly funny like David and Tamela Mann. It was just another blessing. I learned different things working on that play than I did with Madea Goes to Jail, but they were all towards bettering me as a man and as a professional.

I don't see how you stayed so calm on stage with David Mann's character, Mr. Brown. He is hilarious!

I love working with David. He's a great guy. He deserves all that’s coming his way -- Tyler too. Just the whole thing was incredible. I can't thank God enough for that whole situation.

So are there any more plays or movies that you are going to be doing with him in the future?

Possibly. I wanted to concentrate a little more on television and film right now, so that's pretty much where I'm at right now, doing some of those. I've been blessed to do a few major music videos and a few national commercials. And now, this fall and early next year, I'll be doing a few major feature films. Just one blessing after another. I also get to put "Personal" out, which is my new CD. I'm excited, because it will be everywhere.

A lot of people noticed you in some of the videos you have been in recently -- the Ashanti video and the Keri Hilson video. How was it working with those two ladies?

It was great. Both of them are classy and cool, silly, fun, and professional. There wasn't no mess - they were in there, "ok, this is what we need, this is what we looking for," and that’s what is was. It was my job to deliver. It was a little different playing the bad guy...

Yeah they had you playing the bad guy in both of the videos.

Yeah, Ashanti killed me! It was different, it was exciting. I don't always wanna play the "good guy," I want to show them different sides of me that yeah, I can believably be somebody that you can't stand in a film or in a series. So, I can be a good guy, I can be an executive, or I can be a crook. So, it was exciting for me as well, and I learned a lot from just being around them and talking to them. They're both amazing and talented artists as well.

Ok, so on to your music, you have the new single "Boots On" from your upcoming album. So can you tell us a little more about the album and what you're working on? [AUDIO]

The album is called Personal because it's a little more personal. I shed some light onto the different sides of me – the party side - that’s the songs like "Bartender," "I'm Single," "Personal,". The relationship side and the emotional side of me, that’s the "I Know," and "Please Forgive Me," and a little more heartfelt material like the song "Home" - singing about the places I grew up in, and I got a song on there I wrote to my son called "Gonna Love You" and its straight from me to him. And then there's the intimate's some intimacy and some love and some baby-making music on there but it’s all classy. It’s sexy, but it’s classy.

Well I'm definitely looking forward to the album. When is it going to be out?

We're looking at December right now. I'm still trying to finalize the distribution for it. It pretty much depends on when the radio stations start coming on board with the single and when the networks start coming on board with the video. So that's the next thing -- just getting the video out there. The two directors, Kirk Kellier and Scott Herbert, they did an amazing job with it. So, I wanna get the video out there and get the single to the radio stations and the DJs because the DJs are a key part of it. After that, it'll be time to release that second single and put the album out there.

Tell us about some of your musical influences.

I would have to say definitely Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Brian McKnight, Joe, Donny Hathoway, Frank Sinatra, Lionel Richie, Smokie [Robinson], Maxwell… it's a lot of talented people. I listen to a lot of stuff musically not just R&B and Soul. Even some rock and roll, a whole bunch of hip hop, some jazz, a very little bit of classical. I just try to keep it diverse because that keeps me when I'm writing to not just say things the way we would it in R&B but maybe say it the way that somebody from a rock n' roll standpoint might say it... R&B feel or Soul feel.

I also read somewhere that you used to be a personal trainer?

Yeah I did, back in Michigan. I haven't done it since I’ve been up here. I'm just training [myself] pretty much. Back up in Michigan I was a trainer, now if I am asked I might put together a program for friend or something like that. Now I just keep [myself] in shape.

Ok. ::thinks in my head its time to get in shape::

Well is there anything else you would like your fans to know?

I would like them to know that I only have two real pages…where they can contact me: my myspace page, which is, and then Those are my only real pages. I have a lot of people that have [created] fake pages. I do not have a Facebook page, whoever is on there is fake, it’s not me. I do not have a BlackPlanet page. I do not have a VibesConnect page or BlackPeopleMeet. People are a mess with these fake pages. I also have a Youtube page, which is So those are my only real pages, all those other ones are fake.

Well I just want to thank you again for doing the interview. I'm glad to let the fans and the readers know about you. We really appreciate it. [AUDIO]

Well I appreciate you guys having me and thank you very much. I just want to say “thank you” to the fans for the love and support again. I never get tired of saying it because they never get tired of showing it. They make this possible for me to do this and I really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot Christian!

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