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Get WHIT The Trend: Metallic Sneakers

8/05/2008 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Another fashion feature for the fellas! This time we are focusing on the footwork. Guys definitely love keeping their sneaker game fresh, so we noticed a popular trend going around - shiny metallic silver sneakers.

Taking a futuristic approach to footwear, these sneakers are definitely made to stand out. Many fashion-forward celebs have been seen sporting pairs in various brands. Most recently Lupe Fiasco wore a pair to the Lollapalooza concert in Chicago (still not sure what kind he exactly has on, but they are hot). Also other celebs like Usher, Chris Brown, and Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy all love the shiny sneaks. In addition to silver, you can also go for the gold and get a shiny golden pair. If you want any of the ones featured today, be prepared to spend some cash. But remember looking this fresh is worth it! So Get WHIT It!!!

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