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Big Things Poppin for LC!

8/05/2008 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

It's so hard to believe that coming from the popular reality show "Laguna Beach", to even more popular reality show "The Hills", that Ms. Lauren Conrad would be so involved in the Entertainment Industry. Rumor has it that Ms. Conrad will be a presenter at the EMMYs! Yes, you heard it right. And not only that... the random models that hand out awards will be wearing clothing from Laurens new line! (They will also wear designs from Beyonce's line). If you saw the Teen Choice Awards, that amazing dress that Lauren wore, well... that was from her line!

I'm very excited for Lauren! I've always been a fan of LC! Go TEAM LC! LOL. And her designs are very cute... hopefully in the future she'll develop some cute affordable pieces.

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