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Get WHIT The Look...for Less: Rihanna

7/24/2008 Whit and Whit 0 Comments

Time for another edition of "Get WHIT The Look For Less". This time we take a look at one of the many fashionable looks of Rihanna. While out in Cali this week she wore a few simple but super trendy items to go out shopping. Here she wears studded black skirt and white tank top with some Giuseppe Zanotti heels. She also wore a Chanel necklace, shades, and layered on the bracelets. At a first look you may think she is holding a rolled up magazine in her hand, but she is actually carrying a vintage magazine purse. These were popular in the 70's, my mom even had a few.

To get a look similar to Rihanna's you can find the items for way less. A white tank can be found anywhere and sunglasses also. Instead of Chanel jewelry I found a necklace by Juicy Couture for a more affordable price. Achieve the same look of Rihanna's studded skirt with this polka dot skirt by Moschino. The Giuseppe shoes are a splurge at $795, but Vince Camuto's similar style is a great option at $129.95.

Moschino Polka Dotted Skirt - $187 | Zappos
Metallic Side Stitch Knit Top - $6.80 | Forever 21
Juicy Couture Pavé Icons By The Yard Necklace - $118 | Saks Fifth Avenue
Silver Geometric Bracelet - $20 | Steve Madden
Giuseppe Zanotti Cut Out Shoe Boots - $795 | NET-A-PORTER.COM
Vince Camuto 'Valentine' Slingback - $129.95 | NORDSTROM
Turbo Aviator Sunglasses - $12.99 | Urban Outfitters

Items found via Shopstyle.com
Rihanna photos from JustJared.com

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