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Another Clothing line for Todd Smith?

5/28/2008 Whit and Whit 4 Comments

This time, the clothing line will be for Kids. LL Cool J has teamed up with Sears to create a line for Juniors. The line is called LL COOL J for SEARS and will feature personal elements from LL like a tattoo embroidered jacket to lyrics from his songs on t-shirts. LL said that he spoke to his daughters to get advice on the clothing line and to find out what they like.

Well, I can still fit Juniors clothing (haha) but I don't think I'll be picking up anything from the line (I say that now, they might have something cute). But I do think it's a good look. I'm sure the clothing will be affordable which is good for children whose parents don't have a lot of money.

Source: NME

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